Information Kiosk Designing & Management System

As a specialized Kiosk design and manufacturing service provider, we at Kanoe Softwares Ltd. (KSL) are guided by the philosophy that ensures an efficient delivery of cutting-edge IT services, KIOSK design and manufacturing, software development and integration solutions via Optimization of Quality, Time & Cost. These attributes, together with the unique combination of our expertise and premier technologies, enable us to efficiently design KIOSK and software solutions of any complexity, while maintaining a customer-centric approach to delivering quality services.

With a priority on design and delivery, the KANOE KIOSK continues to grow as an industry leader in the Kiosk market. We offer a full range of services including Consulting, Industrial Design, Mechanical and Structural Engineering, Manufacturing, Customization/Integration Solutions, and Qualified Customer Services.

The KANOE KIOSK Systems has led the industry in design and manufacturing of excellent and easy- to-use kiosks. Our team is a professional service  provider

that takes full ownership in the success of customer programs — from initial solution design to manufacturing, customizing and field services.

KANOE KIOSK has partnered with clients in a full complement of vertical markets, transforming self-service concepts to deployed and customized solutions that meet the needs of our customers. We employ some of the most talented designers, engineers, manufacturers and software developers in  the

Kiosk  market. KANOE  KIOSK manufacturing is equipped for full custom cabinetry, ranging  from traditional applications like retail, order entry to highly specialized solutions in banking, healthcare, airport security, and outdoor ticketing.

Continuous technology investments in hardware design tools and manufacturing equipment, enable the KANOE KIOSK to  translate your design  vision into a solution that not only looks great, but can be manufactured for  excellent performance and reliability. With many of designs and solutions at  hand, we offer interactive kiosks, touch screen/metal keyboard kiosks, computer kiosks, information kiosks, retail kiosks, financial kiosks.

Customized Integration With Various Third Party Peripherals Like:

Inbuilt Digital Library
Wifi Hospot
Video Conferencing Equipments
Biometric Authentication System
IP/GPRS Communication System
Touch Screen Monitors as an Input Device
Rugged Metal Key Boards with Integrated Touch Pads
Microphone as an Audio Input Device
Speaker for Sound Systems
Magnetic/RFID/Mifare Card Readers
Debit/Credit/Bank Card Reader
Currency Counting Device
Telephone System
Digital Camera
Bar Code Reader
Thermal/Laser Printer
And Many More


Software Application Development:
Similar to the way hardware design unfolds, application development
starts with a consultation where our software engineers define your
software project needs, objectives, and preferences.
Mirroring our approach to hardware design, the KANOE KIOSK provides
exceptional solution flexibility in the area of Software Application
Development. Key roles that KANOE KIOSK can assume, depending on
the customer’s preferred approach to Application Development/Customization
Server Client Based Solutions
Stand Alone Solutions
Web server based application
Cloud based applications
Other Various Customized Applications

Type Of Kiosk

Kiosk has become a popular channel of information for many organizations and industries nowadays. Not only is it a high tech method of communication, but also an effective way for both public and private business interactions. Key roles that KANOE KIOSK can assume, given the wide range of solutions and services under its belt, include:

Multifunctional Payment Kiosks
Railway Stations and Airport Kiosk
Library and Museum Management Kiosk
Educational Institution Management Kiosk
Hospital Management Kiosk
Tourism Management Kiosk
Standard Kiosks
Custom Kiosks
Retail Industry Kiosks
Automated Consumer Friendly Kiosk
A User Friendly Interface Kiosk (Touch Screen Kiosk)
Interactive Kiosk For:
          - Banking Needs
          - Check-out Kiosk for Supermarket
          - Internet Kiosk for WebPages
          - Interactive Kiosk for Ticketing Purpose
          - Check-in and Check-out Kiosk for Airlines