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Today there is a global need for security given the rising instances of security breaches, identity theft and data hacking. Governments and business alike are looking for authentication technologies that not only provide reliable security, but are also extremely difficult to fake. Biometrics is one such solution that fulfills all these conditions


We at Kanoe Softwares Limited. (KSL) are guided by the philosophy that ensures efficient delivery of cutting-edge IT services, software and security solutions via Optimization of Quality, Time & Cost. These attributes, together with the unique combination of our expertise and premier technologies, enable us to efficiently design software solutions of any scale and complexity, while maintaining a customer-centric approach to delivering quality services in time, every time. We seek to create value for our Customers.
Founded in 1999, the Kanoe Softwares Limited is a recognized leader in the provision of software solutions and services with more than 17 years of professional experience and practical engagement. With our prominent presence in India and offices across the country, as well as a strong representation in Hong Kong and London, UK , the Kanoe Softwares Ltd has established a strong constellation of companies with large, diverse customers operating in over 30 countries around the world. With Kanoe Softwares, the companies can optimize productivity and gain a competitive edge needed to succeed in today’s business environment.
We are an ISO 9001-2008 certified organization and our processes are nurtured in the safe hands of highly trained SIX-SIGMA Professionals. We follow CMM Level 3 in our practice.


our business outline

IT infrastructure and application portfolio management

To provide strategic planning for a robust and cost-effective IT infrastructure, the Kanoe softwares limited offers a bundle of IT solutions and services based on IoT, that help design a cost-effective combination of hardware and software solutions, systems and process automation, security policy and procedures tailored to effectively meet the requirements of any company or institution.


IT in rural development

Given the path breaking role of IT technologies and their critical applications for improved efficiency, accessibility, and convenience, the Kanoe Softwares Ltd has drawn its focus on devising and delivering rural IT-based solutions and services aimed at the enhancement of equal development between the center and peripheries and effective e-governance at large.


security infrastructure

The security division of Kanoe Softwares Ltd has developed a hand-on experience and expertise in delivering end to end projects on security infrastructure that stretch from conceptualization to implementation by utilizing & piecing together a wide spectrum of technological facets -including hardware, software, services, implementation and maintenance - effectively aligned to meet the public/human safety and infrastructure security challenges of the 21st century.



IoT Technology
Consists of 5 layers....

  • a) Applications
  • b) Cloud Platforms
  • c) Communications
  • d) Embedded Software
  • e) Devices

Embedded Software

  • Hand-Held devices.....
  • Mobile Phones....
  • Automatic Number Plate Reader....
  • Androied Box....
  • Tablet PC
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  • WAN- Line Of Sight- Wireless-
  • Backhaul connectivity.
  • LAN
  • GPRS
  • GSM
  • VPN
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Time Attendance, Time Sheet & Payroll...

Vehicle & Asset Management System....

Solid Waste Management System.....

Digital Examination Management System

Parking Lot management system....

Information Koiosk Management System..

Community Multi Purpose Information & transaction Kiosk

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Cloud Platforms

Real-Time Data Integration and Heterogeneous Database Replication.....

Google API Integration.....

Implementing on private Cloud.....

Implementing on Amazon Cloud services..

Integration of various third party APIs over Cloud....

Information Kiosks on Cloud.

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Biometric Reader.....

Google API Integration.....

RFID Reader.....

GPS Tracker.....


IP/Analog Surveilance devices....

Network based Relays.....

Security Control panels......

Sensors & data capturing


Access control equipments....

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About Us


To be a market leader with our past experience and present perseverance. To prove ourselves much better towards a positive growth, preserving all our potent resources.
Our purpose is to serve the best to our clients which is the resultant of our vision (i.e. Optimization Quality, Time & Cost) which is very much possible in India, where we have a Highly Qualified, Qualitative, & Quantitative working team in a potent and cost effective environment.


"Optimization" is one word that sums up the vision of the Company. We attempt to achieve Optimization in all processes and this we accomplish by optimizing the three parameters that are crucial for the success of any company, viz. Quality, Time and Cost. With Quality as one of the main binding forces, the company is convinced to progress in all of tomorrows. This has been possible, admittedly, due to the extra-ordinary teamwork, innovativeness and strong commitment to Quality on the part of the company. The company has steadily made headways in its strategic planning in the areas of software development, Multimedia, IT enabled Services and KSPL continues to strive hard to report even better performance in future.


We are an ISO 9001-2008 certified organization and IT is our endeavor to create a working environment where motivated employees communicate freely and innovations are encouraged. We work together to achieve Complete Customer Satisfaction through Total Quality Management (TQM) practices. We follow CMM Level 3 in our practice and our process is nurtured in the safe hands of Highly trained SIX-SIGMA Professionals.

Responsibility: IT is the responsibility of all staff working on software to ensure that this quality Plan is followed. The quality team is responsible for ensuring that the quality Plan meets the requirements of ISO 9001 -2008.










Bringing awareness to the people about the Information technology was the main aim behind implementing this KIOSK. We had earlier purchased 2 such machines from Kanoe Softwares Ltd. We have now added 30 more and implemented

A.A.Biswas, District Commissioner, Bellary

We are pleased to inform you that the installation of Biometric Finger print based Time and attendance server client application systems are delivered installed successfully in our various branches across the country. That helped us to save at least 30% on our payroll cost.

SS Ramanathan, Head-Business Operations, Axis Bank Ltd.

The scope of the project was to integrate RFID smartcard based sensors with other equipments/systems like CCTV, boom barrier, other access points which opens to data/resources with a compatible centrally controlled software system.This system has the ability to track and locate human as well as materials in our base from main guard room to head quarter command

S S Sudhakaran, Security Officer H.Q Training Command. Indian Air Force.

Have successfully, delivered the RFID, GPS, GPRS, Hand held POS and Mobile Apps based Solid waste management system in Bellary where the software dashboard is implemented on cloud that is integrated with various data capturing unit to ensure that the solid waste is picked up from every house and dumped in the right dumping ground outside the city limit to further ensure a healthy, hygenic , and clean Bellary.

D.L.Narayan, City Corporation commissioner, Bellary